Skill Crossing Builds a Modern Workforce

Our data technologies intelligently map skills, create unique skill scores and power team success. Taking a skills-based approach, we simplify talent management, accelerate recruiting and transform organizations.

Trusted to Hire the Best & Reduce Search Costs

We provide rich access to a pool of qualified candidates and partner with our clients to make the right hiring decisions.

Our integrated technologies maximize the success rate for search and reduce acquisition costs.

We place skill assessments at the top of the search funnel, delivering qualified, best matched candidates for open positions. Our data-driven talent decisions lead to better outcomes.

Mapping skill requirements to skill scores for key positions validates the employee and candidate fit across measurable criteria, giving our clients hiring confidence and team development based on quantifiable data.

Build Great Teams & Increase Productivity

Building great teams is critical for business resiliency and growth. Our SX-SkillSmart™ practice provides our clients with a roadmap to optimize talent management and workforce planning across the organization. SX-SkillSmart includes:

  • skill assessments
  • skill mapping
  • benchmark analysis
  • team development
  • organizational planning.

Clients make informed, data-backed decisions on all areas of talent to build great teams and increase productivity.

The Next Evolution in Career Search and Job Matching

We simplify the job search experience for applicants by mapping qualified candidates to open positions using the power of data-driven talent insights.

Right Job, Right Candidate, Everytime

We match qualified candidates to the best fit job opportunities using proprietary technologies and hard skill assessments.

Accelerating the Hiring Process

We are a leading developer of plugins for ATS “Application Tracking Systems” for job boards providing real-time human resource matching. 

Qualified Candidates, Everytime

Our proprietary technology accelerates the hiring process by screening applicants on the critical areas needed at the beginning of the hiring cycle.

Elevate The Success of Your Organization Today With SKILL CROSSING

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