Skill Crossing:
Maximizing Career Success for You

Go mobile with your career. The SKILL CROSSING mobile app takes your career on the go. Set up your individual profile, see open jobs and take skill tests right from your mobile device.

Why Choose Us

Job Candidates can take control of your career and unlock job opportunities based on your unique skills and qualifications.

Skill Mapping

We map you to best fit job opportunities based on your authenticated skill score. Start managing your career today across multiple industries and open positions.

Skill Score

Boost your earning potential and know your compensation value with a personalized skill score. Benchmark against other candidates and position opportunities to pinpoint your career path, today and into the future.

Skill Assessments

Quick and easy to take skill assessments immediately create your individual score. Your score maps you to open jobs. Accelerate the application and hiring process, and get the right job, faster.

Ready to grow your career?

Increase your skill score through on-demand training modules to increase your skill score. Raise your individual score and unlock more job opportunities. See your value across multiple regions and industries.

Sourcing the Right Candidate, Everytime

Let us show you the SKILL CROSSING difference that models, finds and ranks the ideal candidate for your open positions in a matter of seconds.

We place skill assessments and authenticated scores at the top of the funnel to optimize candidate matching and save hours of time. Our data-driven talent decisions lead to better outcomes.

We go beyond keyword match and soft skill data. Candidates from SKILL CROSSING are ranked for your talent pool with individualized hard skill scores, significantly improving the candidate decision for open positions.

Hiring the Best Employee

Ready to reduce your search costs and more?

Ready to reduce your search costs, access a pool of qualified candidates and make the right hiring decision? Increase the success rate of on-boarding for your company. By placing skill assessments at the top of the search funnel, we bring you qualified, best matched candidates for your open positions.

Job Descriptions not attracting the right candidates?

Frustrated by job descriptions and postings not bringing you the best candidate pools? We optimize your job postings with required skill scores for your position requirements. Skill score matching validates the candidate fit across measurable criteria, giving you hiring confidence based on quantifiable data.

We Bring Value!

Our candidates immediately bring value to your organization. Hiring decisions are faster, onboarding risk reduced and recruitment costs lowered. Elevate the success of your HR department today with SKILL CROSSING.
Reducing Search Costs & Increasing Productivity

The Next Evolution in Career Search and Job Matching

We simplify the job search experience for applicants by mapping qualified candidates to open positions using the power of data-driven talent insights.

Right Job, Right Candidate, Everytime

We match qualified candidates to the best fit job opportunities using proprietary technologies and hard skill assessments.

Accelerating the Hiring Process

We are a leading developer of plugins for ATS “Application Tracking Systems” for job boards providing real-time human resource matching. We greatly simplify the candidate search process by integrating hard skill assessments into job postings.

Qualified Candidates, Everytime

Our proprietary technology accelerates the hiring process by screening applicants on the critical areas needed at the beginning of the hiring cycle.

Reduce External Costs

With precise insight into candidate pools before the acquisition stage, our data-driven talent decisions lead to better outcomes and stronger teams.

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