SKILL CROSSING: Maximizing Career Success for Job Candidates & Employees

Skill Crossing puts the job candidate and employee at the center of our services. By measuring and mapping each individual’s unique skills and qualifications, we focus on powering success for career management.

SX-SkillScore™, Trusted to Transform the Career Experience

Quick and easy to take skill assessments immediately create an individual SX-SkillScore.

SX-SkillScore benchmarks against other candidates and employees to pinpoint opportunities for career development and team success.

Always know what you are worth, we show you exactly what your skills are worth today and then monitors for changes in the market.

Candidates & Employees Take Control Of Their Career 

Candidates and employees take control of their career and unlock job opportunities based on authenticated skill scores. Best fit job opportunities are then mapped across multiple industries, locations and open positions.

Job Seekers 

SX-SkillScore Increases Earning Potential

SX-SkillScore increases earning potential by intelligently mapping to compensation value.

Benchmarks Based On Score Data

Benchmarks based on score data differentiates job opportunities and helps pinpoint career growth.

SX-SkillScore Accelerates The Hiring Process

SX-SkillScore accelerates the application and hiring process, and gets the right job, faster.

On-demand Training Modules Through SX-SkillTraining™

On-demand training modules through SX-SkillTraining™ boost skill scores and unlock more job opportunities.

Skill Crossing's Career Vault

Skill Crossing using block-chain technology centralizes, validates and verifies all your personal information, background checks, education and work history in a safe location as an addition to your SX Score.